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Throughout the Years

-modeled at age 4
-In junior high school he promoted Super Mario Brothers' by wearing the pajamas!!!
-bought his first car at age 15 and paid for it in CASH himself!
-attended acting workshop at age 16 in Dallas
-moved to L.A. in 1996 after graduating from High School


-Sweet Valley High
-Mr. Rhodes
-Howie Mandell Show (guest appearance January 29, 1999.)
-Days of Our Lives (Eric Brady)
-Dark Angel (Alec)
-Dawson's Creek (CJ)
-Offered role in "Never Been Kissed" opposite Dru Barrimore

Jensen Enjoys

-boogy-boarding (his latest new sport which he admits..he's good at it!)
-playing volleyball
-playing football
-playing lacrosse
-playing baseball
-horseback riding

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