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Jensen's 25th birthday is fastly approaching, so I wanted to do something a little different than the regular birthday wishes. Basically, we all adore him and the card package will be happy birthday from "all of us", but instead of each person simply saying happy birthday in one form or another, I rather you do something a little more unique. The greatest gift an actor can receive is feedback. The more specific the better. Actors love an audience. Unfortunately on television specifically prime time, it is a lot harder to get the feedback actor's so desperately want. Wouldn't you want to know what people liked and didn't like? At least when Jensen was on Daytime, there were regular personal appearances where the fans could tell him what they thought. In these times it's a little trickier. So I am asking you to pick your favorite scene from any of Jensen's work. Could be Days, Dawson's Dark Angel, Blonde, Mr. Rhodes anything at all. Describe the episode or scene and tell him why you liked it . If you have a sugestion for him you may include that too. You may also ask one question, although repeat questions will not be counted. Include your name and where you are from ie: Christine Fogarty: Huntington NY. You may include your age if you like. I need all responces no later than Feb 21, 2002 to insure he gets them for his birthday. Please limit it to no more than a paragraph. These WILL be going to Jensen, that is a guarantee. Responces will be posted as they arrive, but they will be printed out for him to read directly. If you have any other ideas to help make Jensen's 25th birthday special, please email me your ideas and I'll see what we can do.