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This page has been visited times since January 9, 1999.

As most of you know this site has been in archive mode for sometime. Well I've decided to give it a face lift. I just completed a Web Design course and realized how much this site needed to be redesigned. It's a cleaner site, less busy and better design & layout than the original. On that note, I will try to update a little more often. Jensen deserves that much!

Most of you had the treat of watching Jensen on Dark Angel. Unfortunately that show was cancelled. FEAR NOT! If you need your Jensen Fix, he is on Dawson's Creek. He will be in 9 episodes playing a guidance councelor named CJ. If you have missed some of the episodes, CJ has already hurt Jen, slept with Audrey and got in a fist fight with Pacey! Our boy has been busy! Look for Jensen in January. He should be in about 4 more episodes! Dawson's Creek airs on Wed's on the WB, check your local listings.

Catch Jensen as CJ on Dawson's Creek.

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