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Thank you to everyone who has sent in a responce! I just added some more responces on April 6, 2000. I STILL have more to put up! I am getting to each and every one of your emails as fast as I can, so I will have more up soon, if you don't see yours here yet! They are pouring in, keep them coming in!!!IMPORTANT NEWS!!!IT'S NOW OFFICIAL!! AS OF FEB. 12, 2000 I was given OFFICIAL CONFIRMATION from my inside source, that Jensen is indeed leaving DAYS when his contract is up. SO, this is what he would like to do, then lets support him. From now on, send your well wishes in for his primetime and movie career! Thanks to all who sent responces in, I'll continue to post them. The most recent responces are at the bottom, so keep scrolling till you get there!

the articles about Jensen leaving DAYS.

Email me your good wishes to Jensen, which will be posted on this site, as well as given to him in MAY 2000. Also, you may email if you would like to be involved in a special GOODBYE GIFT to Jensen :-) I will explain details further, but it will be presented to him in person in May, 2000! So go ahead, clog my mail box!

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I think you have a good idea going. I've also seen your page too. Thanks for the great screen caps. I wish Jensen would stay on Days just because I think he's getting a lot of great material to work with lately. The chemistry he has with Julianne Morris is amazing and I personally think Eric and Greta would have the potential of become one of the most popular couples on the show. He's great young talent on the show and I would hate to see him leave. He's one of the reasons I watch! Best wishes on the campaign! If he does decide to leave, I would like to be a part of the gift.
Best wishes always,
- Sandra

I think that Jensen is such a talented actor, not to mention gorgeous and his talents would be put to better use on primetime, but I would still love to see him on Days of our Lives. I think that they should let him be on Days, but have a more flexible schedule so that he could work on both. Whatever happens though, I will be a huge fan of his!

Jensen can't leave the show, he is the best thing that has ever happened to it. I have been a loyal days fan for 15 years. I used to watch it when I came home for lunch in elementary school with my mom and havent stopped. When I first saw him on the show i says oh this will be good, not to mention he is a beautiful sight, and he has lived up to his promise. He is a very talented actor and brings such reality to the show. I know everyone has to move on, but you have to give days a chance and stick to it to be sure that you really want to leave. Also if he leaves, what type of story line could they say for him and Greta. They are such a pair that people are happy to watch. I vote to keep Jensen on the show and insist he stays...ok well I ask that he stays!

I love Jensen Ackles! We need to keep him on Days!
-Koni Roach

Days of Our Lives without Jensen would be like coffee without cream. UGH!!! Days, please offer Jensen a contract that he can't refuse because it won't be the same without him!!

jensen i am a HUGE fan i have watched pretty much every epesode of days since you came on. I have school at the time so my grandma tapes it for me everyday and i watch it when i get home. You have inspired me to go for acting and i really am enjoying it i just started acting and this is the second play I have been in. Good luck in moving to prime time even though i am going to miss seeing you on Days!
Erica (

Jensen HAS to stay with Days. Since Mike is gone, he's the only hottie left! I think he's an excellent actor and Days needs more people like him, not people that can't act their way out of a wet paper bag (They know who they are!) They also need to keep Louise (Vivian). I REALLY hope that Jensen stays or that they can work something out so he's not gone completely! I think that he and Greta make a cute couple and would like to see a happy ending for them both (kinda like Mike and Carrie). Oh well. That's just my 2 cents worth.
Jackie from WV (

I was truly heartbroken when I heard that Jensen might be leaving. I prayed that it was just a rumor with no foundation. Unfortunately, it looks like I was wrong. Jensen is a hot young actor with lots of potential, so it is natural that he is going to want to do other things. I just wish there was some way he could stay on at Days while he does the other things. If you leave, Jensen, I probably won't watch Days as religiously as I do now.
Holly Bacon

Good Luck in all your future endevors! You deserve it. I understand why you are leaving.
~Kathy (HOST Comp

Hi! I think Jensen Ackles should stay on Days of Our Lives because he is so good at it. He is such a great actor and does the part of Eric very well. And not to mention he is the hottest guys on the show. I wish he would reconsider and decide to stay with Days for a while longer.
Mallory (

What will happen to poor Greta if you leave? Please stay.

Days has made enough mistakes... don't let this be another one. The Bo and Hope story line has been enough for me to throw in the towel. If Days doesn't do something to keep Jensen it will end up just like Another World and Sunset Beach...get your priorities together!!!
Tiffany Kinzer

I believe Jensen needs to stay on Days for several reasons. The main is that he and Julianne have great chemistry together. Sure they recast Eric but it doesn't mean that he will have the same chemistry as Jensen. That chemistry is what keeps fans interested and pulls viewers in!
Melissa Smith (

Please inform the network that we need to have Eric stay! Given Jensen the right to play other stuff if that is necessary, but don't let him leave! (Shirley Gray)

Hi saw your site here and would love to see jensen be on days still... i am watching the show more cuz of him..he is very talented and nice and of course good lookin... although i admire him for wanting to do other things i really think him being on days keeps the story lines balanced....I enjoy seeing him and wish to see more of him i wish he could do both primetime and days......that would be cool at what ever the outcome i know or hope to see more of jensen ackles in the future...
thanks Sharron Kidd

I completely agree that Jensen should be allowed a more flexible schedule. I would hate for him to leave DAYS - he's one of the main reasons that I keep watching!


I just heard Jensen may be departing the show in July and I think that would be too bad since his storyline with Greta is just starting to get good. They are one of the most interesting couples on the show whose storyline has not started to get old yet, and I know for a fact he is the only very cute reason why all of my friends continue their Days viewing. So NBC cut the poor guy a break and give him a flexible contract so he can keep bringing in your ratings.
- Adria -

I just wanted to write that although it is understandable that Jensen would want to leave Days for bigger and better projects, I hope that he realizes just how many loyal fans he has!
-Emily Smith (SmithE@NHLBI.NIH.GOV)

I just wanted to say that I think Jensen is the best on Days. I would really miss him if he left. He brings alot to the show. Jensen is one of the reasons why I am still watching Days. Please don't leave Days of our lives Jensen. You have alot of talent that shoud be used on Days.

I support his wishes wether he stays or goes. I agree with Lisa though. He is the best thing that ever happened to Days. However, I do believe he should expand his horizon, so to speak. He has a lot of talent and he should leave while he's young and able. There are a lot more oppertunites out there then just soaps. I mean look what happened to Ryan Phillippe. I personally will love and support him in whatever he choses to do.
~Amber (

I hope Jensen Ackles stays with Days. Never before has a young actor come in and "fit" so easily. He is so incredibly believable as Marlena's son, Sami's twin, and Greta's first love. He and Julianne Morris have such great chemistry. A more flexible schedule would allow outside interests as well as keeping this Days fan happy.
SusieQ (

I think NBC needs to reconsider their contract with this talented young actor. If he needs his space to try other stuff, let him go for it. Just don't completely write him out of the picture! The Eric and Greta storyline could be the best couple on daytime tv. I would hate to see a new actor replace Jenson and kill the great chemistry of these two actors. We don't need another Bo and Hope storybook love crushed! I vote to keep this guy no matter what he asks for!
Anne Carlson, Staff Scientist
SECOR International, Inc

Well i agree that Jensen should stay on DAYS but it really looks like it is not going to happen. I read an article today saying that he quit. I am very dissapointed to see him leave. First Christie Clark, Roark Critchlow, Louise Sorel, and now Jensen. There is even talk of Ausitn Peck leaving the show. What is it coming to? I think DAYS will be worse with Jensen leaving. If they recast the role, which they might, it would be horrible. Noone could play Eric as Well as Jensen. Well I thought that i would voice my opinion. And tell NBC they are making DAYS less and less popular with all of the stupid Teen story lines, and taking away all of the really good sroylines and Characters. What is the special gift thing in May? Let me know.
Until then,
Steph (

I am very upset to see him leaving but happy for him for wanting to better his career. I will be totally upset if they do not replace him because I LOVE Eric and Greta together. I think they are just the cutest couple. I sure hope DAYS has no intentions of just dropping him. And if they plan to replace him I really hope they can find someone that is as appealing to look at as Jensen. =)
Nicole =) (

Jensen MUST stay on Days! He's handsome and that's one of the reasons why I watch the show! Also, The chemistry he has with Julianne Morris is incredible. I'm quite sure that ""ERIC & GRETA fans"" would appreciate if Jensen is kept on the show. I send my prayers that he'll stay on the show. Jensen is young and talented.
DDS (Danielle D. Spence)

I love the Eric and Greta storyline---Eric if you read this PLEASE dont leave poor Greta or your million fans. You and Julianne are the first inspriring love story I have seen on days since Bo and Hope and that is getting old.
Theresa D

I have been a fan of Days my entire life! And I do have to say that you have been one of my all-time faves on the show, and definitely the best-looking! :) I will miss you when you're not on it anymore, but I wish you luck in your career and I hope I see you in bigger and better things! If you ever want to check out my Days' page (where you have won best-looking guy on the show!) ..."What Kelly Has To Say..Thoughts of a Days Addict", please go to: It is a branch off a wonderful Days page done by Amy Goodson, called "Salem USA."
Best of luck to you! (Truman, Kelly)

We all love him and hope that he stays. I have watched the show for almost 20 years, and I am only 28. He has been one of the best additions to Days since, well forever. I hope that he and Days can come to some kind of agreement and he will stay.
A devoted fan,
Jenn (Jennifer Oswald)

Jensen is a wonderful actor who's character has matured wonderfully during the past few years. If Jensen is willing to stay on the show with a flexible contract offer, both the network and Jesen will benefit. The network may attract viewers that may not watch "soaps", and Jensen will be able to mature into a fine actor that is not stifled or stereotyped as has happened to so many fine actors. (Myles)

I was very disappointed to hear that Jensen may be leaving my favorite soap. With the departure of many good characters over the last few years (Jack & Jen to name a few), it was nice to see Eric appear in Salem. Not only is Jensen very good looking, but he is extremely talented and one of the most likeable characters left on the show. Please give him a more flexible contract so that he can pursue other things while still doing DAYS.
Thank you,
Holly Hambruch, a devoted fan

I think he is the best and cutest young actor on the show i wish he wouldn't leave i really love him and he is cute . I would quit watching it he left i really love his role and his personailty so tell Jensen not to leave days i well be totally upset.
I love you Jensen!

Even though i wish Jensen Ackles well in his primetime and movie career, it would be nice if he would stay on Days. Especially now that he's getting a good storyline, and being paired up with Greta, who I feel both make a powerful supercouple. Days needs to offer him a contract, in which he can do the primetime show, and still do Days Of Our Lives, like so many of the actors who work in Daytime, who are ableto work on primetime shows and still do their soap opera. Days need not let this one go. Thanks! (Kafele Richardson)

I'm really going to miss seeing Jensen on "Days" every afternoon. They can't take away my Eric Brady! That's just unfair! But... hopefully, he will be on some primetime show that I like, and I will so watch it! And of course, movies. I'm going to every movie he has coming out! =)

Jensen NEEDS to stay on Days. I LOVE him and he is so sexy and such a GREAT GREAT actor. All the fans of Days LOVE him. He can't leave us. :*(. We love him toooooooo much.
Erica (

Jensen, I think you are such a talented actor and have shown that on your role as Eric on Days. I am a huge Days fan and have been watching it since before you were on the show. For me, your role has made me a lot more interested in it, and I am very upset you are leaving. But it is also your decision, if you do leave, I hope to be seeing you on other things. I am a HUGE fan of yours and I wish you the best in whatever else you are planning on doing in your career. But I think you have brought a lot to Days, and that you have brought a lot more viewers. I don't think it would hurt one bit to stay on the show for a longer period of time. I very much hope you will :) Please take all our thoughts into consideration.
Love You Always,
Darci, from Canada :)

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