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Spending    A    Weekend    With    the    Stars    in    SC

Hi everyone! I had the best time this weekend at the DAYS Celebrity event in SC I flew in from NY and stayed at the Hyatt Regency (which was absolutely gorgeous) where the stars were staying as well. What started off as a bumpy experience turned into one of the most memorable times of my life. The stars (Jensen, Krista, Josh, Kevin, Patricia, Julianne etc....) were delayed 3 hours at the airport, had their luggage lost, and finally made it to the softball event. Bryan was already there..because he wasn't invited to JOHN AND MARLENA'S WEDDING!!!(they filmed it til midnight on Friday!)They were real troopers, and I was thrilled once again, because I won a raffle to play with the stars in the game! Bryan even made a joke because I couldnn't find my raffle ticket at first..he said the penalty was that I had to sleep with him in his bed! The whole audience was hysterical laughing!!! Then he said "pretty stiff penalty!" He was so embarrased and we all laughed about it!Later at the game I was in the dugout waiting for the DAYS cast to arrive. When I called Jensen's name, he came right over gave me a hug and kiss hello. Jensen was surprised a very glad that I came. I proceeded to have most of the cast sign the SALEM SLUGGER SHIRT they gave me and had my picture taken with both Jensen and Josh. Later it was time for the dinner dance which was chaotic. The lines were long for autographs, longer than anything!!!!There I proceeded to have the "new men of DAYS" poster signed by Jensen, and Brian. It has Eric, Austin, Lucas, Nicholas, and Brandon on a truck and it says "Wanna Ride?" at the bottom! Security was tight, but Josh insisted that they allow me to get a picture with him and Jensen and Bryan at the table. When security wouldn't let me go behind the table, Josh had me sit or rather lay across the table with all of them around me! It was was miffed..but we got our picture! Bryan was great and danced with the fans on the dance floor and even took a spin around with me! Last but not least, after the dinner dance was over I had the pleasure of hanging out with Jensen, Krista, and Bryan for a few hours. Those hours I spent with them made the trip worth while. It was filled with laugher and quiet conversation and lots of good advice and is a memory I'll never forget. I know I gained a friend in Jensen that night, and he truly, truly is a remarkable person. And for those who didn't know...Krista and Julianne are SWEETHEARTS, and Bryan will crack you up!!! Jensen and Krista especially made me feel at ease and allowed me to be myself with them. While they may be soap stars..they are people first, and really deserve commmon curtousy just like everyone does, and I hope anyone who meets them remembers that first! God Bless Jensen, Krista, Jullianne and Bryan! Much happiness and success to them all! PICTURES TO COME SOON!

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